On June 15, 211 service was launched in the city of Brantford and the County of Brant. At the launch, which took place as part of the Brant United Way’s Annual General Meeting, the dignitaries who spoke were united in their enthusiasm for the positive effect that 211 is sure to have on the region’s residents.

For many people, “finding help was getting to be a greater and greater challenge,” said John Kwekkeboom, vice-president of Ontario 211 Services Corporation. With 211, area residents will now have a way to receive the information they need on community and social services when they need it and “before a problem becomes a crisis.”

“211 can help people, especially those who have never had to ask for help before, to feel empowered. It can save people from feeling hopeless after calling the wrong agencies by connecting them instead to the best resources our community has to offer,” said Brad Park, Executive Director of the Brant United Way. 211 service “removes many barriers to getting help in our community,” he also noted. “Removing these barriers helps us become united.”

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