Paul and Margot and the Williamson family

Paul and Margot and the Williamson family

Paul and Margot Williamson

Paul and Margot Williamson

For Paul and Margot Williamson, supporting the community is a high priority.

The Williamsons have lived in Brantford for most of their lives. During that time, they have been involved in dozens of community projects and charitable causes.

That’s why sponsoring Storybook Breakfast has been such a good fit for them.

“I first started supporting Kids Can Fly in my role as a foundation manager for a local foundation. I convinced them to provide seed funding to Kids Can Fly when it was first starting out,” explained Paul.

“In that role, I got to see numerous worthwhile projects, and helped to make meaningful investments in the community, especially ones that support children.”

The Williamsons quickly developed their own business and were able to support charitable causes directly. Paul let go of managing that foundation and moved on to support local charities on his own. All the while, Kids Can Fly was close to his heart.

“I’ve actually only gone to Storybook Breakfast once,” said Williamson. “I liked it, and that was good enough for me.”

The Williamsons have been sponsoring Storybook Breakfast ever since! He estimates that it has he and his wife, Margot, have supported the event for more than 15 consecutive years.

Paul and Margot encourage other potential donors to be generous with their money as well.

“Each year, I sponsor so that I can also get some of my friends in the giving sector to sponsor as well,” he said. “It’s easy to convince them when I’ve done it myself.”

This year, Storybook Breakfast is aiming to raise $30,000 for Kids Can Fly. With families like the Williamsons, it’s very possible Kids Can Fly will reach that goal! If you would like to be a sponsor, please CLICK HERE.