Only 13 more sleeps until  Christmas! 

The excitement is building within the children and the stress of getting everything done is weighing on the parents. Trying to have a joyous holiday can be challenging with so many things we believe we should do.  Parents with young children should try to keep it simple. 

The extra treats, toys and change of routines can make children cranky. 

Try to stick to regular nap and meal times when possible. 

Don’t have unrealistic expectations about behaviour at events or go to visit Santa at 9 p.m. when kids should be in bed.   

Buy some baking if you are short on time and minimize the decorations, especially with toddlers. 

Their mission will be to handle everything and will create more work for you

Don’t overwhelm children with too many presents.  Two or three items as well as you spending time playing with them is the best gift. 

Of course I would always include at least one book! 

Start some simple family traditions like decorating the tree with a hot chocolate and cookie party or watching the Grinch with cousins or going for a ride to see Christmas Lights on Dec 23rd

These special years of Christmas Magic  with young children pass by quickly.   

Keep things simple so that you can actually enjoy them with your family.

 Merry Christmas