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Kids Can Fly Brantford

Kids Can Fly promotes early childhood development in Brantford/Brant

New virtual support program! HUGS4NEWMOMS starts April 13th!

Kids Can Fly recognizes the importance of family and community support of all new parents.

Because of social distancing, new parents of infants are circumstantially feeling very isolated right now.

We would like to harness our past best practices and allow the Parachute Program to create a sister program specifically designed to support and meet the needs of brand new parents during these times.

So we created HUGS4NEWMOMS! 

This program will address weekly topics that new parents are concerned about and will be delivered to the group through a Zoom virtual format

Topics will include how to develop supports during social distancing, lactation and feeding your baby, self-care for mom, sleep (for both of you), how to deal with anxiety and many more

We will have expert guests such as public health nurses to answer your questions and hope to help everyone feel less alone

The group will begin meeting on Monday April 13 at 10:00 am and will take place each Monday until further notice

To join, please contact Jane Flinders at or 519-755-9482.  You can also contact us through our Kids Can Fly website or facebook page to obtain the Zoom login information

Infant Mental Health Promotion is pleased to announce a partnership with beginning in September 2012.

Helping parents help their kids succeed in school and lifeThis initiative is intended to educate Ontario parents on the importance of healthy brain development in the early years of a child’s life, from 0 to 4 and to share information on a range of infant mental health and parenting topics. 

Goals are to:

  • raise awareness through information and outreach to parents
  • share knowledge and resources between and Infant Mental Health Promotion
  • increase parent engagement on both sites

The website hosts a wide range of resources for parents including:

    • Videos – interviews and lectures with top experts in the fields of child development, brain development and mental health.
    • Articles and blogs – on a range of topics and parenting concerns about a child’s physical and mental health: special needs, child development, brain development, social skills and issues, learning and parent involvement.

Media outreach on as well as through social media, Facebook and Twitter, to engage parents including distribution of IMHP’s weekly tips for parents

Each week will share tips for parents authored by IMHP on a range of topics to promote positive mental health.

 Infant Mental Health Promotion will be providing:

  • Content for parents on infant mental health topics, such as: transitions to childcare, brain development research, the impact of the environment and relationships on a young child’s mental health, and more…
  • Guest blogs by IMHP’s director, Chaya Kulkarni, as well as periodic interviews with Cheryl Jackson
  • Weekly brain tips for parents which will be posted on TVOParents’ social media channels.
  • In-depth milestones, the healthy social and emotional development of your child from 0 to 4, created by the Hospital for Sick Children
  • Media access to Infant Mental Health Rounds lecture series and IMHP events.

IMHP is looking forward to this unique opportunity to share knowledge with a wider community and parents through .  For more information and some highlighted TVO Parents resources visit the IMHP “Special Projects” page on this partnership.


Tummy Time for Babies

The hot summer weather takes a toll on babies as well as their caregivers.  One can only imagine how extra warm it is being held to be fed, comforted and transported about.  While babies need and thrive on human contact they also can get overheated quickly.  Well-meaning parents sometimes over dress and  over-wrap up small infants and should take into consideration the temperature when making these decisions.  There is nothing wrong with a baby wearing only a diaper or going au natural for short periods of time (on a waterproof pad of course: ) . 

 Putting babies on their tummies on a blanket on the floor or in a play yard is also a nice variation for them.  Research shows that this position is important for development of proper muscles babies need to push-up and crawl.  The Back to Sleep campaign has educated parents to put them on their back for sleeping but we should also use the tummy position during waking time.  Some activity mats have a tummy booster that you can position your baby over or you can use a soft pillow or a rolled up towel.  As your baby gains strength to hold their own head up they will enjoy reaching for favourite toys and testing different muscles.   Get down on the floor and interact with your baby, on an eye to eye level.   Some babies may enjoy this activity more than others so stay tuned in to your baby’s cues.  Change their position or conclude tummy time if they get fussy.  Repeat this activity each day and encourage the baby to spend a little longer each time.  Change the toys or props that you provide to entertain them and sing or chat to your baby to make this an enjoyable routine.

 Sharon Brooks RECE

Great Anti-Smoking Commercial

This is a really great anti-smoking commercial that we thought we would share.