Guest Blog: Patti Berardi – Chair, Kids Can Fly

I was raised in a family where Sunday dinners were sacred.  My mom would make a big dinner for that night and we all ate together.  As we got older we knew that we could not make plans for dinner on Sunday nights.  The only excuse for missing dinner was if we had to work.  I remember thinking “geez, mom…seriously?”

Looking back, I treasure those Sundays.  It was the one night a week when we sat down as a family. My mom carefully prepared a dinner and we did dishes together after. During this time we talked, laughed and joked with each other.  Our family was busy and my mom and dad both worked full time and everyone played sports.  Eating together as family was tough during the week, so Sunday was the day.

I now have a family of my own and I always make a big Sunday dinner.  It’s a tradition that I will carry on.

Anderson Cooper’s new talk show has started the Anderson’s Sunday Supper Club to encourage families to take the challenge of eating dinner together on Sundays.  I think is wonderful! I do hope that you’ll check it out and sign up to take the challenge.

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