This is a great story about why it’s important to get children to enjoy reading before formal education starts.  It helps to foster a love of reading early on.

Early Literacy-Getting Children Reading

Reading is a skill that holds profound importance in the lives of children. Learning to read well is vital for children’s success in school. A child who has poor reading comprehension will have great difficulty in achieving school success, especially in today’s educational environment which emphasizes standardized testing and specific benchmarks that have to be reached in order for children to be promoted to the next grade. The foundations of literacy are laid down very early for children; these foundations do not just begin when a child begins formal schooling. Early literacy starts with parents and other caregivers that begin preparing a child to read from the day that child is born.

Getting children reading begins before formal education begins. When parents and caregivers talk to a child, they are beginning that child on the road to reading. Many parents do not talk to their infants as they do not realize the importance of talking to babies. Many parents assume that talking to an infant does not matter, because the infant cannot understand them. However, having a parent talk directly to an infant allows the infant’s brain to incorporate those vocal sounds and expands the baby’s knowledge and skills related to reading comprehension from birth.

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