By Michelle Ruby, Brantford Expositor

Sharon Brooks is working 9 to 5 trying to get iconic country singer Dolly Parton to mosey into Brant County.

Well, she might not be devoting entire days to the cause, but the executive director of Kids Can Fly has been harassing – in a friendly way – Parton’s manager to schedule a stop in the area to promote Imagination Library, a reading program created 16 years ago by the performer.

Brooks and Kids Can Fly volunteers have put together a video invitation that includes local ECE students, kindergarteners and school board staff members, some dressed in cowboy attire, pleading with Parton to stop by.

“We’re trying to entice Dolly’s manager to come,” said Brooks. “This is a gimmick to capture her attention.”

Brooks said the Dolly Parton Imagination Library is one of the least familiar projects operated by Kids Can Fly.

It was launched locally in pilot form in October 2009 with funding from the Rotary Club of Brantford-Sunrise.

The program provides, by mail, participating children with a free age-appropriate book each month. They receive a total of 60 books from birth to the age of five.

Sunrise Rotary makes an annual contribution to the program and the Rotary Club of Brantford is also offering support.

But demand for the program is great and Brooks said they had to keep it “under a bushel.

“We couldn’t advertise because we couldn’t meet demand. We had had to be very discreet in providing registration forms.”

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