Boys and girls are different from the moment they are born.  Here is an interesting article examining boys in school and how they learn and are treated differently than girls in school. 

Boys will be boys – schools need to understand that

Margaret Wente

The Globe and Mail


The other day I gave a talk to a parents’ group at a boys’ school. It was a big group. I asked them if they’d ever known a boy who hadn’t made a pretend gun with his fingers and gone bang-bang. Not a single hand went up.

No surprise there. Boys have been fighting with pretend weapons since the dawn of time. Mock battles and mock violence are a normal part of boyhood. But in the age of zero tolerance and Sandy Hook, society is in a panic. Some parents won’t allow water guns in the house. Even Nerf Blasters aren’t okay. “[Parents] think it’s innocuous because it’s a cartoon,” one critic of toy guns told The New York Times. “But they’re buying something that is reinforcing shooting.”

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