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March Break ideas

By Sharon Brooks – Kids Can Fly

“Having your children home full time for the March Break can be challenging as well as a wonderful opportunity for family time and learning.  Those who were not so fortunate to head to the sunny south of ski slopes might need some ideas of how to best fill the days.

  • Kids are excited to have a school holiday but this can quickly turn to boredom.  Child psychologist Jennifer Kolaris, author of Connected Parenting, says that a little boredom is a healthy thing for child development.  “We spend too much time as parent’s trying to organize every minute of a child’s day and they need to develop those skills on their own.  Don’t be afraid to say “Go find something to do.”  CAUTION- this should not be an open license to spend time with electronic devices.  Rules around the amount of time allowed on these need to be reinforced!
  • Stick to routines as much as possible.  Younger children especially do best when they follow known routines around meals, sleeping and activities.  Staying up a bit later watching a movie is ok for your 10+ but younger kids will get cranky and this could ruin the following day. 
  • See what is going on in the community.  The library will be holding special events and going swimming, hiking, to a movie, etc can be a focus for one or two days,
  • Do a Child Swap.  Arrange with another family to take their children for one day and then they can take yours.  The kids will have fun playing and you each get a break!
  • Involve the kids in making plans.  Everyone can write down some suggestions of things they want to do like shopping for new sneakers, going out to lunch, swimming or seeing a favourite movie and then try to include one of each child’s suggestions.
  • If the children are in day programs because you are working, don’t feel guilty.  They will be having fun and you can organize a family game or movie night, make pizzas or cookies together in the early evening.  If they have to get up for day camp – remember they still need to go to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Take some time to clear out the toy cupboard and you will find some things that have been neglected or outgrown. The kids will often be excited to play again with these and then might be willing to donate them to other kids or drop them off at Value Village, thus helping reduce clutter!  : ).  “