ImageThe Midnight Movie Marathon was another GREAT event!  Thanks SO MUCH to Mike Cripps and his wonderful volunteer staff at the Galaxy Cinema for allowing us to hold this fundraiser and supporting us in every aspect!

It was fun and there were absolutely NO issues with any of the participants!!  This makes five years in a row that we have been able to say that!

Thank you to Future Shop for giving us a great deal on the 29″ LCDTV to raffle off.  The prize was claimed with ticket number   463912.

Thanks to Sharon, Sarah, Jeanne, Paige, Nora, Patti K, Patti B, Terry and his wife, Lisa, Michelle, and Cathie for coming to volunteer-it was a great TEAM effort. 

A special shout out to Cakes by Jen for the adorable and delicious cake for all the volunteers.