Kids Can Fly recognizes the importance of family and community support of all new parents.

Because of social distancing, new parents of infants are circumstantially feeling very isolated right now.

We would like to harness our past best practices and allow the Parachute Program to create a sister program specifically designed to support and meet the needs of brand new parents during these times.

So we created HUGS4NEWMOMS! 

This program will address weekly topics that new parents are concerned about and will be delivered to the group through a Zoom virtual format

Topics will include how to develop supports during social distancing, lactation and feeding your baby, self-care for mom, sleep (for both of you), how to deal with anxiety and many more

We will have expert guests such as public health nurses to answer your questions and hope to help everyone feel less alone

The group will begin meeting on Monday April 13 at 10:00 am and will take place each Monday until further notice

To join, please contact Jane Flinders at or 519-755-9482.  You can also contact us through our Kids Can Fly website or facebook page to obtain the Zoom login information