We are dedicated to helping families in our community, and during these uncertain times, that means we had to take a close look and think about how we could do things a bit differently.

As many people may already know, we worked quickly and moved many of our programs online, and even created some new ones!

Hugs4newmoms is program specifically created to address the needs of becoming a new mother during a time when you are home and unable to visit and socialize in the ways we are used to or imagined.  This group meets via Zoom on Monday mornings, and all new moms are welcome to join!  

The Parachute program is for mothers with babies up to 1 year of age who would like some peer support, are finding the transition to motherhood challenging or possibly experiencing Postpartum Depression.  This group normally meets in person, but has switched to an online format.  Guest speakers are often brought in to discuss a variety of topics, and there are even some socially distanced in person options that may be available over the summer.  This group meets online Wednesday mornings and in person visits will be determined.

Musical Motion is a musical circle time that is the most loved part for many families at the Launch Pad program.  Launch Pad is a drop in program that had to temporarily close, but we wanted to keep the music, fun and learning from Launch Pad alive!  During the summer, this program can be found live on our facebook page on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am.

Our prenatal program is designed to help prepare mothers and support people for life after a new baby arrives.  This includes the many changes as well as the potential for Postpartum Mood Disorders which affect many women.  We will help be able to identify the signs and what to do if you feel you might be experiencing a Postpartum Mood Disorder and some strategies that could potentially help prevent or lessen the severity.  Childbirth is also covered, but not intended to replace a full prenatal class.  This course is especially relevant if you have already experienced anxiety or depression before or during pregnancy.  This course is not currently running, but if we receive enough interest, it will run in an online format.

One program that hasn’t changed is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  We are proud that during these times of uncertainty, this program has continued to provide normalcy and consistency to the children by delivering a book every month just like always!  If you would like to register for this program, email admin@kidscanfly.ca

For information on all other programs, please email Sharon Brooks at info@kidscanfly.ca