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Kids Can Fly Brantford

Kids Can Fly promotes early childhood development in Brantford/Brant



You don’t need to be on a playground for long before you hear the choruses of “Good job” and “Careful!”

Yes, ours is a generation of parents fully indoctrinated in the powers of both healthy self-esteem and a complete set of elbow and shin pads.

The only thing we like more than catching our kid at the bottom of the slide – lest her tender bottom hit gravel? Telling her that was the most awesome sliding job we’ve ever seen in our lives.

And can you blame us? We’re presented with so much information not only on our child’s secure sense of self, but on how to parent, how not to parent and the various toxins, predators and superbugs that threaten our children’s wellbeing every day.

But as the first generation of kids raised on a steady diet of praise and “everyone’s a winner” trophies reaches university, we’re hearing some sobering stories about the risks associated with sweeping every challenge out of our children’s way.

Alissa Sklar saw this play out time and again when she was an assistant professor at Concordia.

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