Amanda and Lily Grant
Lily was registered with the Imagination Library and we will be following her on her journey with her books and experiences.  Her mom, Amanda will be sharing the stories with us. 
February 21, 2013

Reading is important, not just for educational reasons but for your emotional well being. I have witnessed first hand how reading can lift your spirits and promote healing. At the beginning of January my 4 Month old baby girl, Lily, was hospitalized. It was a very scary experience and it is so heartbreaking to watch your child struggle and be so upset. One of the most rewarding things about being a parent is making your child smile, and even more so when that child is ill. Reading was one of the only things that made Lily really smile during her stay at McMaster Hospital. Kids Can Fly helped bring out that gummy smile with The Little Engine that Could. This is the first book I have received from the Kids Can Fly series. The main message is that no matter how small you are, if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything. This message is so true and related very well to what was going on in my life. Lily was a trooper and at 4 months old was able to fight a very serious infection. It warmed my heart to see her light up when I used funny voices for the different trains in the story and giggle when I would chime in with “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” If you haven’t started reading to your children or even reading for yourself it is never to late to start. I hope that you can fall in love with reading like I have and share the joys of a good story with those around you. I hope that you will continue reading about my journey through the magical world of story books provided by Kids Can Fly and become a part of the program yourself. Happy Reading!

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