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postpartum depression Brantford

Thank you for coming forward to share your story of postpartum depression.

Kids Can Fly and a Team of Supportive Women are compiling real stories of real women and their journeys through postpartum depression into a book to be published in the near future.  The most compelling and helpful stories will be considered for our book project and all stories will be available online in the future.

Congratulations on finding the courage to take this step which will help other women through this challenging journey. Please be assured we will protect your confidentiality if you do NOT wish to have your name used.

depressed_motherWe invite you to be part of this important initiative to support women across North America by sharing your story with us, and the opportunity with others to share their stories. This may be the first time you have revealed your experience with PPD. Yours might be a story of recovery, or perhaps you are in the middle of it still. All stories are important because they are real and they are yours. Through stories, we can help to normalize the experience for women and validate the signs so they can advocate for help earlier.

You do not need to be particularly experienced or confident in your writing abilities. Your story is what is most important to us – we have editors and writers who can help us in weaving these important experiences together into the book.

Together, let’s reduce stigma, increase hope and educate women and providers alike while raising money from the book royalties to enable Kids Can Fly to continue to help other women through their journeys.

If you have questions or want more information on getting involved contact Sharon Brooks at Kids Can Fly .

In Sister-ship — The Postpartum Stories of Women Team:

Sarah McVanel, Sharon Brooks, Tracy Woodford, Marsha Skrypuch, Kim McArthur, Heather Wilson, Jacklyn Brooks, Monica Pierce.


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