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As soon as you have baby, everyone wants to share a story with you, give you a piece of advice or help to motivate or inspire you  in your parenting journey.  At Kids Can Fly, we invite you to share your own experiences with our programs, parenting advice or your own inspiration for others.  Or just browse our collection of stories to be inspired by other parents like you. 

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Allie loves her Imagination Library books…



Thanks so much. We love the book program so much. Allie’s favourite so far is one of her firsts…………Spot Goes to the Library……….she loves the size and pictures!  I think she likes this book the best because her Daddy opened it and read it to her as soon as it came. She loves her Daddy!  She pushes the book around the room with her as she crawls………
Katie & Jim Metcalfe

 It is a family affair

Kathy Kemp
reading 004

My name is Kathy Kemp and I am a mom of three boys and I am an Early Childhood Educator.  My youngest son, Wesley was born in June 2013 and for a baby shower gift we were delighted to receive a letter welcoming Wesley to the Imagination Library.  This was not only exciting because we were going to be receiving a book a month for the next year but because it was the first time we had seen Wesley’s name in print!

I was aware of the Imagination library before receiving this gift but what I was not aware of was the excitement it would bring to the entire family.  Close to the end of each month my older sons rush to the mailbox each day checking to see if baby Wesley’s book has arrived and on the day it finally does arrive they cannot wait to read it to their baby brother. 

Each book is so carefully chosen to meet the needs of the child’s developmental level.  They  start out with board books, so babies can enjoy the large illustrations and vibrant colours and then progress on to books that continue to support their ever changing interests. 

We feel so fortunate to have become a member of the Imagination Library and we hope by creating more awareness of the program, the same amount of enjoyment could be shared by all families in the Brantford community. 

Book #1- Where’s My Nose by Susan Ring

Wonderfully illustrated board book with large baby faces.  My son focuses on the faces as we pause after each page.  The simple verses provide opportunity to interact and touch the baby’s nose. 

Book #2-LLama Llama Nighty-Night by Anna Dewdney

Large and colourful illustrations capture Wesley’s attention as I place him on my lap with the book in front of his face.  It offers a cute rhyming poem about bedtime routines. 

Book #3-Baby Sounds by Joy Allen

Describing words that mimic everyday sounds heard in and around the home.   This book creates many opportunities to extend the conversation by describing the pictures and actions of the baby in the picture.

 What is this one titled Mommy?

Michelle Biro and boys

Our two boys (aged 3 &4) receive books every month through Imagination Library and our monthly ritual is to take all the bills and flyers out of the mail and then leave their special books in our mailbox. Then we pick up the boys at daycare and come home to see that we have mail. The boys get to open up the mailbox themselves and to their surprise the mail is for them!!! The smile on their faces is priceless and the first question out of their mouths is, “What is this one titled Mommy?”



 Beginning Steps of Literacy

Sarah Cook

“My two year old daughter is so excited to receive a book that’s just for her in the mail each month. We read these new stories every night at bedtime. I know this program, and my reading to her daily, is a success when she happily runs to her book shelf every night to pick her bedtime stories and when I find her “reading” to herself or her baby dolls. She points and tells me what she sees in the pictures. The beginning steps of literacy are so exciting to see as a parent!”. 

 Happy Birthday to three very special kids!

Cameron, Ashton and Bennett








When it came time for triplets, Ashton, Bennett and Cameron to have their 9th birthday party, they wanted to celebrate with all of their friends.  Each is in a different class at school and have different friends.  Their parents, Shailau and Brian Spivak told them they could invite 10 friends each!  That is a total of 33 kids at Woodman Centre.  In lieu of gifts the birthday party goers were asked to make a donation to the “Dolly Parton Imagination Library” when they heard that there is a waiting list of over 140 children wanting to be put on the program.

The Imagination Library mails a new book to a child every month until they turn five.  This promotes early literacy and helps children to better prepared to begin school.  Success in school leads to success in life, which benefits our whole community.

Ashton, Bennett and Cameron have participated in many of Kids Can Fly’s program when they were younger such as, The Launch Pad and attended the Storybook Breakfast the first three years.  Currently, Ashton has the Roots of Empathy program in his classroom.  He comes home and tells stories about “his” Roots of Empathy baby!

The cheque presentation was a delight.  The triplets were so excited and very proud to hand over their birthday collection.  We were very honoured that they chose to help other kids get books and enjoy to read!

Reading Can Lift your Spirits and Promote Healing

Amanda and Lily Grant

Amanda and Lily reading Dolly Parton’s favourite story, “The Little Engine That Could”

Reading is important, not just for educational reasons but for your emotional well being. I have witnessed first hand how reading can lift your spirits and promote healing. At the beginning of January my 4 Month old baby girl, Lily, was hospitalized. It was a very scary experience and it is so heartbreaking to watch your child struggle and be so upset. One of the most rewarding things about being a parent is making your child smile, and even more so when that child is ill. Reading was one of the only things that made Lily really smile during her stay at McMaster Hospital. Kids Can Fly helped bring out that gummy smile with The Little Engine that Could. This is the first book I have received from the Kids Can Fly series. The main message is that no matter how small you are, if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything. This message is so true and related very well to what was going on in my life. Lily was a trooper and at 4 months old was able to fight a very serious infection. It warmed my heart to see her light up when I used funny voices for the different trains in the story and giggle when I would chime in with “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” If you haven’t started reading to your children or even reading for yourself it is never to late to start. I hope that you can fall in love with reading like I have and share the joys of a good story with those around you. I hope that you will continue reading about my journey through the magical world of story books provided by Kids Can Fly and become a part of the programme yourself. Happy Reading!


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