Encouraging the Love of Reading




Here are some tips that you can use to encourage you children to love reading.

  • Read aloud to your baby and young children. It’s never too early to start.
  • Read every day. Set aside a special time just for reading. Find a comfortable place with no distractions.
  • Read anywhere. Take books when you travel. Read on the bus, in the waiting room, in the park.
  • Let your child handle books. Share board books with babies. They are sturdy, easy to hold and can be wiped. Let your young children handle books on their own
  • Experience the book. Let your child look at the cover and the pictures in the book. Show your baby how to turn pages. Let them explore books even if it means tasting them!
  • Involve your child. Talk about the pictures. Point out objects and name them.
  • Make reading fun. Make reading a performance. Use your voice and expression to create interest. Stop when your child is tired.
  • Keep books low on shelves or in a basket where your child can see them and can reach them on their own.
  • Let your child see you read. Keep books, magazines and newspapers around. Your child will know you value reading and will value it too.
  • Visit your library! There are lots of books and other things to look at and borrow. There are lots of great programs too!