Tips to get your baby to sleep

On Wednesday April 3, we welcomed Heather Young from Good Night Sleep Site in Waterloo to our Parachute program to discuss sleep strategies with the moms.

There was a great discussion afterwards, and a lot of moms who attended went home with some really great information about how to encourage a better sleep routine at home for their little ones.

Here is a sample of some strategies they received:

Create your baby’s sleep Sanctuary

  • Create a comforting and safe sleep space for your baby, one that promotes a consistent dark, quiet and cool environment

Make naps a priority during daytime

  • Promote an age appropriate nap schedule that will keep your baby well-rested making bedtime easier and night sleep more restorative

Introduce a calming bedtime routine

  • Include a consistent soothing bedtime routine like bath time, stories, cuddles, and gentle talks to help them predict bedtime, while also encouraging a bedtime that isn’t too late

Choose a sleep method for your family

  • It’s important to do your research and choose a sleep method that both you and your partner support and works with your family’s philosophy

If you would like to contact Heather, you can reach her at:

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