We wanted to post this information regarding the Tassimo Coffee Pot Recall as there may be families in the area that have these coffee pots.  A toddler was hurt in Canada from the steam from a Tassimo machine.  Please check with your manufacturer if you have a Tassimo.

OTTAWA – The manufacturer of Bosch-brand Tassimo brewers announced a massive recall Thursday after receiving dozens of reports of second-degree burns, including one involving a Canadian toddler.

About 900,000 single-cup coffee brewers with plastic discs have been sold in Canada since June 2008, and another 835,000 have been sold south of the border, BSH Home Appliances Corp and Kraft Foods said.

The disc that holds the coffee or tea, sold since last August, can burst and spray the hot liquid, posing a burn hazard. The company is now offering a free replacement disc holder for the brewing mechanism.

The company says it received word of the first incident involving the brewer within months of the product launch in 2008, and received the first report of a problem with the disc last December.

One of the incidents involving the disc affected a two-year-old Canadian girl, who suffered second-degree burns to her face. In the U.S. a 10-year-old girl from Minnesota was hospitalized after receiving second-degree burns to her face and neck in an incident involving the single-cup coffee maker.

Read the rest of the story here http://www.canada.com/Tassimo+coffee+maker+piece+recalled+after+customers+burned/6129392/story.html