Our 2022 “thank your teacher” campaign is over. Thank you to everyone that made a donation to show appreciation to their teacher!

Teachers are unsung heroes.

They inspire creativity and curiousity, instill character and encourage exploration and risk taking. They create unique experiences and guide our kids in ways that will influence them for years to come. 

Teachers are passionate about their work. They believe in the power of education and they want to make a difference.

Thank your teacher this year with a gift in their name to support children and families in our community!  Your one-time donation helps to provide books to children within Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and parental support with our pre and post natal programs.

We use Canada Helps to process donations. Click the link below to visit the Canada Helps page and look for the option on the right that let’s you add a dedication and send an ecard to the teacher you want to acknowledge for their efforts.



There are two ways to let your teacher know that you have made a donation in their name.

Option #1

Follow the instructions below to send an email when you make your donation. Choose your email design and add your information inluding your teacher’s email.

Click this link when you are ready to make your THANK YOUR TEACHER  donation. When you get to the Canada Helps donation page, you’ll see your donation options. Look for the dialog box on the right that gives you the option to DONATE TO THIS CAMPAIGN. Choose your donation ammount and then click the ADD A DEDICATION link in the lower right.



Select the IN HONOUR OF… button

Enter your teacher’s name.

Select the SEND AND ECARD button

Under Recipient Details, add your teacher’s name and email

In the dropdown menu for SELECT AND ECARD DESIGN, scroll down and release on TEACHER GIFTS

Select the ecard design that you prefer

Under YOUR DETAILS, enter your name and email

Click the button ADD YOUR DEDICATION and follow the instructions to make your donation and send your personalized ecard.


Option #2

You can print your TEACHER THANK YOU message and deliver it personally. Just click here or on the image below to download a print-friendly PDF file to your computer.